A Journey Beyond  the Bucket ListA traveller without observation is a bird without wings

Welcome to The Global Commute – a place for travelers and volunteers who want to Journey beyond the Bucket List.

Going on a Journey beyond the Bucket List is not a touristy vacation. It is a “global commute” where you delve into local culture, truly immersing in their way of life. It’s a real, raw and exponentially rewarding way to travel, that naturally leads you to serve along the way.

But there are many questions still to be answered for the traveler and volunteer seeking these types of adventures.  The most important question being…”How should I serve?”

Like all service-minded journeys, the best way to give-back is to first listen to the community, and then allow them to set the rules. After all – it is their home.

The core of The Global Commute is to support local destinations at the grassroots level, and there is no better way to do this than through local, socially-rooted businesses (aka social enterprises).

The Age of Social Enterprise

Social enterprises are businesses that follow a traditional profit model, but use their revenues (or a large majority of them) for social causes. Because they are self-sustainable, social enterprises are quickly outgrowing and outperforming the charity model.

Social enterprises are exciting because they can creatively tackle a large majority of community issues without depleting resources overtime. These change-agents often start as “mom and pop shops” – they are sometimes training restaurants, small retail markets or artisan workshops that employ workers, develop their skills, and then feed profits back into their mission.  Yet, they can come in all shapes and sizes. Because social enterprises are operated as a business, creativity can blossom and grow.

Supporting social enterprises while exploring the world can drastically change societies in an organic way – all through simple commerce. Coincidentally, they also bring flavor and meaning to your trips. It is truly a win-win for the community and the traveler. The challenge is finding and connecting with these small entities, while incorporating them into your overall itinerary.

The Holistic Approach

The Global Commute is different than the average travel magazine or “middle man” volunteer organization. This site approaches each destination holistically – so you know where to go, what to see and how to connect with cool companies along the way… all on your own.

The Global Commute is a place where “business” becomes a tool for varied, rich travels that are mutually rewarding. It’s a place where Journeys beyond the Bucket List become possible.

I invite you to join me in this quest.  Let’s start together on a Global Commute to travel with purpose.  It all starts here with the right travel advice and tools.

Here on the Global Commute, you will find:

Destination Guides

Spanning across the world, we will delve into one country at a time, looking at their unique culture and how to best experience it as a tourist in an adventurous, yet meaningful way. Each series will uncover locally-run businesses that are changing their societies through social causes, so you can plan interesting stops and activities during your trip to support their efforts. Expect some awesome interviews with some of the rockstars behind these social enterprises that are bringing real change to their communities. The tools to make your next trip life-changing are here!


Travel Tips and Advice

Along the way, there will be interludes where we share insights on traveling with significance. These articles have a ton of take-aways in them. So even if you’re far from your next trip, you can still gain valuable information about traveling with purpose. Expect useful travel hacks, interviews with social enterprise experts and inspirational ideas to help you get around your road blocks when planning meaningful travel. This category has a lot of meat in it! The topics are varied and inspirational.


Why The Global Commute Exists

Hi I’m Kari, the founder of The Global Commute. Not surprisingly, I am a travel and entrepreneurial nerd. For me, social enterprise is the perfect combination of these two things. I love how small, social business can change the world – and how travelers can easily take part in the growth.

My real exposure to international travel began after college. I got my first job onboard a yacht, sailing to every corner of the globe from Madagascar to Antarctica in luxury. Amazing right? Well, yes and no.

From my years in the business of designing travel since then, I often wonder what our world would look like if we all stopped traveling just for its novelty, and traveled for a more significant reason.  How much impact would be generated for both ourselves personally and the places we visit, if we truly connected with the people to understand their stories and needs, so we could properly make a long-term impact?

I believe that with the right mindset, that we can make a difference just by shifting how we spend our time and money abroad. By “voting” for the locally-run, small businesses that offer cultural value, we tell the destination that these types of companies and experiences matter.  Furthermore, by supporting businesses rooted in social missions (social enterprises), we can help lead to real change, one purchase at a time.

I hope that the tools and advice shared on The Global Commute will help inspire you to dig deeper and to make meaningful adventures a reality for yourself. If you too, want to travel with significance, thank you for coming. Let’s continue learning together how to Journey Beyond the Bucket List.

– Kari


This place is founded, curated and narrated by me (Kari). I am a travel junky in love with social entrepreneurship.You can connect with me directly here or click on the social icons below.

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