Travel Hacks this Holiday Season to Save Time, Money and Sanity

Traveling this holiday season? Want to save some money? Or, are you just curious about how to make flying and hotel stays a bit easier? Read on for my favorite five track hacks this year:


1. Clear your history, cache and cookies on your web browser before buying flights online

Did you know that many airline websites keep track of how many times you have searched for a particular flight…and increase the price? So make sure you clear out your browser history, including your cookies and cache before searching for flights. Or better yet, use Google Chrome Incognito browser tool. You can find this by clicking the drop-down menu on the right hand corner of your Google Chrome browser.


2. Use Seat Guru to get the best seat

Flying in cramped airlines is never fun, but it’s even worse when you select that nice isle seat online toward the front of the plane, only to board and then realize that your seat has less leg room and under-seat storage than practically every other seat in the plane! Seat Guru is a great website that shows which seats have the most leg room (or more importantly, the ones with the least room) based on the aircraft model of your flight.


3. Bring your family that famous home-baked pie or those cupcakes everybody loves from your hometown bakery

Thought you couldn’t bring large baked goods onboard? As long as its not jelly or liquid, it’s ok (think pies, cakes, cookies, casseroles and even turkey!…but leave the cranberry sauce and gravy at home). Need tips for getting your baked goods to your final destination in one piece? Map Happy has a great article on how to bring a pie on a plane.


4.  Gate check your bag at the gate

Most security scanners at airports can accommodate larger bags than you think, even if they can’t fit in the overhead compartment. Most airlines limit their carry-on allowance to between 21 and 24 inches in height, but most scanners can accommodate a 27-inch bag. Meaning, that you can just check your bag at the gate to avoid bag fees on airlines who normally charge for this at check-in. Of course there are exceptions, but it’s worth a try in most cases, especially if you have time to return to the check-in counter to check your bag if there are issues at security.


5. Use your hotel’s TV to charge your electronics abroad

Traveling abroad with out an adaptor and need to charge your phone? Just plug the USB into the back of your hotel room TV…most of them have a USB port these days. Problem solved!

Bonus for the Ladies: Use a button to avoid losing your earrings

Secure your earrings through the holes of a large, brightly colored button. It keeps them together and makes your chances of losing them disappear!


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