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Making a Positive Impact through Podcasting: With Alexandra Black-Paulick

Alexandra Black-Paulick is the host of the Positive Impact Podcast. Her fun-loving, insightful and contagious personality brings the stories of social entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and change makers to life.

Alexandra believes that business is the most powerful resource to drive change and is a self-proclaimed business junky. Before we get into some of the background with Alexandra, let’s hear directly from her on what the Positive Impact Podcast is all about:

Alexandra’s love for business began soon after college. While sitting with her mentor going over a freelance project, he said to her, “So you know you have to pay taxes on this right?” Alexandra realized at that moment that she hadn’t been prepared by her college education for true business in the real world, and that she needed to learn as much as she could to catch up. But even though she may have been naive at that early stage, it’s no question that she had done one important thing right: she had a mentor.

Alexandra stresses the importance of mentorship and says she owes her passion of social entrepreneurship to one of her mentors in San Diego, Joon Han for introducing her to the idea of “getting ahead, by giving back.”

With determination and help from her mentors, Alexandra developed a real passion for social business. With her podcast, she speaks to a new mover and shaker in business every single week. The topics vary, but always contain the right balance of business, impact, innovation, inspiration and a little bit of fun. With Alexandra’s background as a Montana Campus Compact AmeriCorps member in Bozeman MT, she also brings on past Peace Corps Volunteers who share stories of their adventures abroad and how those experience led them to eventually start social businesses.

Social Entrepreneurship Podcast - The Global Commute

Host Alexandra interviewing COMPASSION IT Founder Sara Schairer


When I asked Alexandra about the most inspirational guests she has had on her show thus far, she shared that, “There has been too many impactful conversations to pick just one, but a few do stick out.”

14-year-old Gigi from episode #10.5 was interviewed on the impact that she experienced personally from ThinkPink, a fun way for girls to appreciate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) through games and bracelets. “She was articulate, focused, and the way she carried herself in the interview was truly impressive.” Gigi shared with Alexandra in the interview, that her role model Malala has inspired her to care about education even more.

“She proved that girls are smart and they are strong, because that’s what she is.” 

Alexandra says that the Friday follow-up episodes, like Gigi’s, have been the most surprising for her. These shorter episodes humanize things and really bring the project’s impact to life. “This is something that makes Positive Impact Podcast really stand out from the other podcasts out there.”

Social Entrepreneurship Podcast - The Global Commute

14 year-old Gigi inspiring others

Another one of Alexandra’s favorite guests was from her recent Journey2Socent summit, which featured a fresh stream of live-video interviews with social entrepreneurs for five consecutive nights. Evan Delahanty, Founder of Peaceful Fruits, inspired Alexandra by talking about the multifaceted complexities of leadership, and how we need to often lead from behind, sometimes come in from the side, or even drag people along at times. This was something Evan learned during a term of service in the Amazon Rainforest with the Peace Corps.

“During a year of service abroad when you’re there as a new outsider who is free, you are often given tasks that people would never pay you to do.” Evan shares that during his time as a Peace Corps volunteer he not only had amazing experiences like reaching his village by canoe, but also gained valuable leadership and tactical skills that he couldn’t have gotten in school or in other job settings that early on. Now Evan is applying those skills to his start-up Peaceful Fruits. The company not only improves the lives of the people in the Amazon Rainforest, they also partner and support the community of people with developmental disabilities. “Our products are sustainable super snacks made from wild superfood acai, but our mission is much more.”

Peaceful Fruits Social Entrepreneur

Evan Delahanty Founder of Peaceful Fruits with Andy Haas, one of his sticker labelers

For impactful stories from around the world and inspiration from business founders like Evan, makes sure to listen in on Wednesdays and Fridays to the Positive Impact Podcast! The Global Commute is listening in along with 20,000 others who have already downloaded.

Founder of Positive Impact Podcast for Social EntrepreneursTo learn more about Positive Impact Podcast visit You can connect with Alexandra on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Video recordings from Journey2Socent are now available for free, so be sure to check out her conversation with Evan and all of the other social entrepreneurs.

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