Reflections of Cambodia: How to Make a Difference From Home

As we wrap-up our feature on this fascinating country, I reflect on what I have learned and how it has impacted my outlook moving forward. I trust our journey together through Cambodia was just as impactful for you.

The stickiness of the air. The deep hues of sunrise over Angkor. The muffling of river boats. The dusty, vibrant markets. The gold-gilded palace of Phnom Penh. The sun-baked skin and smiling faces of the Cambodian people, despite the rawness of their wounds from the Khmer Rouge genocide. All of these images make up what is Cambodia. It is a land where people yearn for a better future and strive to rejuvenate their culture, lost not so long ago.

For me, it has been a journey of appreciation for a people group so often forgotten by my country’s history books… Now, I fully realize Cambodia’s narrative as a tragic, yet victorious one that is worthy of reflection. And I more fully appreciate those who are abroad engaging with the society to help empower their citizens to rebuild themselves once more.

I also feel gratitude for those travelers, like Ceci Leger, who have traveled with significance in Cambodia, and have returned with a tale to tell.

I hope I have been a light for Cambodia as well with the written words I have shared with you over the past few weeks, and that you have become inspired by the country’s story.

Whether you share this series with your loved ones, travel to the country as a service-minded traveler, or become inspired to make a long-term impact through volunteering – I thank you for your contribution, however big or small it may be. Remember what Jenni Lipa of Cambodian Child’s Dream Organization shared with us a few weeks ago:

“…you never know the spark that it takes to ignite a light and start a combustion of momentum. Life is made up of ordinary people doing extraordinary acts.”

Let’s be the spark, as we share the story of Cambodia and continue on our quest around the globe here on The Global Commute.

And in the future, if you have any questions about Cambodia,feel free to send me an email at I would love to chat with you!

What’s up Next?

We will be traveling to Japan! Stay tuned next week for the series opener!


 Feature Photo Credit: flapbocco/iStock/Thinkstock

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