Why Social Entrepreneurs are the Next Big Thing and Why You Should Join Them on Your Travels

Katherine Milligan, Head of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, is a rockstar. I recently listened to a podcast where she talked about the growing global community of social entrepreneurs who are tackling the world’s problems with creative solutions. In fact, she shared that 320 social enterprises from 70 countries are a part of Schwab Foundation.

And this is just one network. Along with communities like B Corporation, which has over 900 companies in its clan, social enterprises are rapidly growing and connecting with eachother to multiply their reach.

There is no denying that social entrepreneurship is the trend. And as the sector continues to grow globally, more and more businesses start-ups will chose to follow in their footsteps and adopt similar models, further shaping the economy for the better.

Katherine Milligan shared that standard CSR activities within corporations will diminish as add-on agendas based on the “we ought to give back” approach, and will be more integrated into how companies grow their reach and relevancy throughout the world. She calls this “feeding into their innovation agendas and not their philanthropic agendas.”

Katherine also suggests that the terms for-profit and non-profit are becoming irrelevant terms. I completely agree. And as millennials start demanding more social engagement from corporations – those companies who adopt the innovation agenda will dominate their markets around the globe.

Join Them Around the Globe

As social entrepreneurship continues to grow, join in on the fun! One of the best ways to do this, without actually starting one, is through support and interaction with social entrepreneurs on the ground who are bringing great change to worldwide destinations.

Whether you stop in for a quick tour of their headquarters to learn about what they do during a vacation, or volunteer for a longer period of time – you will spread the word on an important social movement and create a unique memory beyond what the typical tourist could ever achieve.

The Global Commute’s Journey beyond the Bucket List Guides are a great place to start when planning your trips. Although the site is new, we are quickly adding countries to help you connect with social enterprises to enrich your travels.

I also suggest checking out the following databases to help you search for companies in the places you will be traveling to next. All of these communities are constantly adding to their lists!

Grassroots Volunteering
Ashoka Fellows
Schwab Foundation
B Corp

Feature Photo Credit: The Value Web – for the Harvard Social Enterprise Conference 2012. Graphic facilitation by Kelvy Bird of a moderated panel with Bill Drayton and Vanessa Kirsch (with Matthew Bishop).
Flicker/The Value Web/Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic License

The Social Enterprise Conference is one of the world’s leading forums to engage in dialogue, debate, and expression around social enterprise. Over time, the Conference has become an arena to explore innovative ideas that challenge the status quo and inspire a call to action.The Conference is entirely student-run, jointly hosted by students from the Harvard Business School and the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. To learn more, visit: http://socialenterpriseconference.org/



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