The Number One Way to Save Money (And Even Make a Profit) on Travel

The two biggest costs during travel are flights and hotels. Last week, I shared my favorite tool for landing cheap flights. If you haven’t already tried the Hopper App, go try it now!

But what about the second piece to the puzzle? Researching a place to stay during your trips can be just as tricky as finding flights. It’s even more complicated sometimes because there are WAY more details to sift through – location, wifi, amenities, ratings, service, overall atmosphere… the list goes on and on. In most cases, we are also looking for that “wow factor” to make our trip feel like a vacation.  The problem is that all of these details lie on a pendulum with what we can actually afford.

It’s hard to balance the costs of our trips because we have to pay our rent or mortgage while we are away. So this “home away from home” is truly that…a temporary second home.

The good news is, there is a way to significantly cut the cost of hotels while traveling without sacrificing the atmosphere you are after. To make this possible, I like to use Airbnb. (Side note – this article is not a paid advertisement and does not contain any affiliate links. I just love this tool and want you to know about it!) is a site that makes it unbelievably easy to both rent your own house or apartment when you travel, and stay in other cool places all over the world.

Find a cheap, unique place

First of all, you can use Airbnb to find lodging during your next trip. Most of the time, the homes and apartments are much cheaper than hotels, because they often can be rented on a weekly or monthly basis. If you have a family or friends traveling with you – it makes the value rise even more! There are over 190 countries listed on the site, so you can find great places to stay all around the world. The site is so fun to search through too – some of the places are amazing!

Make profits on your place

A second option to help cut the cost of your trip – is to sign-up and list your place as a rental on Airbnb. The amount of money you can make during your trip can actually pay for your lodging! If you live in a major city or tourist destination, you have the potential to even walk away from your trip making profits.

A friend of mine recently rented their San Francisco apartment during a 3-week trip to Thailand and was paid $4,200. Their mortgage is only $1,900. Needless to say…Airbnb can make your trips a profit-making machine if you live in the right location.

When you sign-up with Airbnb – they will even send a photographer to your house to help your listing look amazing… all for free!

Give it a shot. Even if you don’t want to rent out your place, try the site out to replace the standard hotel you normally go for. It’s really fun and a lot cheaper. The site is also addicting. There are so many cool homes available… I end up spending hours on the site just perusing and dreaming up future trips.


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This article is a personal review and is not a paid endorsement.

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