Travel Tool Review: The Hopper App for Airfare Predictions

The new Hopper App was launched in January of this year and is quickly causing buzz between travel junkies. A long time fan of Kayak’s airfare prediction tool, I decided I would finally download the app to see what all of the fuss was over.

Hopper – “When to fly and buy”

The App with its brightly coral-colored logo and its peppy slogan, “Save Money with the Bunny” is not just a cutesy sales tool (although it is catchy), this powerful tool uses a feed of Global Distribution System (GDS) data sources that include over 10 million online flight searches per day! Their formula may not be perfect, but it seems to hit the mark for the majority of the time, meaning you can feel confident that Hopper is steering you in the right direction.

In a recent feature on “farecasting” by Travel + Leisure Magazine, Hopper beat out Kayak with over 72% accuracy, compared with just 61%. And, although Kayak may be simpler in terms of just one “wait” or “buy” notification, the full-detailed report of Hopper just can’t be beat. It is by far, raising the bar on airfare prediction tools.

Each Hopper report contains a slew of information in an easily readable format. The page is not cluttered with confusing graphs and charts. It simply explains the data in sentence form, giving suggestions for the cheapest month(s) and day(s) to go, alternative airports to consider for lowered rates, and more.

Check out their example full-report here for a quick view of how they are laid out. Their App contains push notifications as well so you don’t miss dropping rates.

The Cons

The only negative I can see so far with Hopper is that the notifications are too frequent… so it can get quite annoying if you are watching a flight for a long period of time. But overall, Hopper is definitely the new tool to be reckoned with… Kayak beware.


This article is a personal review and is not a paid endorsement.

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