What Does Rich Really Mean?

What is being rich?  Some may say “it’s having one million dollars…or two…or ten”, others may say “it’s traveling the world and never worrying about money.” For me three years ago, it was “having a successful career.” And now? Well it’s hard to say.

Being rich is somewhat of a vague reality because we don’t allow ourselves to go there mentally and emotionally, where we can decide what kind of life we want to live when the daily grind of producing cash and stability dissolves. If we put ourselves into the alternate world of “being rich”, I believe that it’s not really the money that we are after, it’s the pace of life and experiences that we think can only come with true wealth.

Day Dream

They say dreaming is not healthy when it’s beyond reach. But, can the exercise help us get what we are really after? I think it can.

I ask you this question because for me, doing a little day dreaming (and to be honest, a little complaining) has revealed all of my expectations about life that I wasn’t fully aware of before. I was so busy getting my current life “accomplished” to actually sit down to think.

For me now, being rich looks a lot more like having a wealth of available time and mobility to enjoy the life that I have been given, and to bless others along the way. What a difference three years can make!

What would “being rich” mean for you? Would you volunteer, learn a new hobby or a new language? Perhaps you would raise your kids or become a nomad and travel the world!

It will be different for us all.

The point is that most of us are too crazy busy to escape the minutia of meeting others expectations. It’s a hard thing to erase all of the noise in your head about productivity and responsibility as well; when in reality, these are also just expectations about the level of output we feel is needed to feel good about ourselves.

Going In a New Direction

I can admit that I have a really hard time letting go and slowing down. But the more and more that I force myself to pause and reflect, the closer I get to turning in the right direction.

For me, it has led me to speak here on The Global Commute. For you, I hope it means… whatever you want it to mean. No matter what you decide, I truly hope you are inspired to work hard now to set up a life for yourself that is abundantly blessed with more than just money and accomplishments.

So go ahead…day dream… What would “being  rich” mean for you?


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